Best DIY Wedding Designs

10 Best DIY Wedding Designs

When it comes to planning a wedding, you want to take save every penny you can. Aside from that, you want to make your special and personal. What better way to do this then to make your own wedding designs. Here we’re going to show you 10 of the best DIY wedding designs to give you a personal touch for your wedding. Each of these projects are easy and will take less than an hour, and you’ll be able to shave some unnecessary expenses from your decorating budget.

DIY Bow-tie Napkins-

Simply fold the napkins into a rectangle and take either the same color or a contracting color to cinch the center to make a ribbon. This is a simple and unique design to put on each dinner plat at your wedding

bowtie napkins

Hanging Sunflower Pomanders-

For this design you can get real or fake flowers and then a Styrofoam ball. Once you have these items it’s just a matter of making your hanging sunflower pomanders. This is a perfect design to hang above the tables at your wedding or even to scatter them around the room.

Hanging Sunflower Pomanders-

Lavender and Tulle Chair-backs-

Instead of having just a chair, try to give them more a look. All you need for this easy DIY wedding decoration is chairs and a lot of lavender. All you need to do then is wrap the lavender around the chairs and tie them in a bow! Get bright and colorful lavender colors or even the traditional white to make the chairs have more of a design.

Lavender and Tulle Chair-backs

Chair Seating Cards-

This is as simple as it gets when it comes to a DIY wedding decoration. All you need for this one is some paper, scissors, and a pencil!

Chair Seating Cards

Polaroid Photo Booth-

Everyone wants to have pictures of their happy family at their wedding. What better way than to make your own photo booth. All you need for this one is a big frame which you can find at a hobby store and a camera!

Polaroid Photo Booth

Rope-Wrapped Vases

A perfect wedding decoration to put at each one of your wedding tables. All you need for this is tin cans, rope, and some hot glue.

Rope-Wrapped Vases


  • Take the hot glue and put it at the end of your rope to the bottom of the can and begin wrapping the rope tightly around the can.
  • One you have wrapped the rope to the top of the ca then trim the rope and hot glue the edge of the rope to the can so it doesn’t stick out.
  • One you’ve finished the rope you can fill the cans up with water and fill them with flowers!

Message in a bottle

      Get small bottles at a hobby shop and put names on paper inside and have your guests find their name and table!

Message in a bottle


Nurse their hangovers

Weddings involve a lot of alcohol, so help your guests out by making them a prepared. This is a cute and fun gift that won’t break the bank!

hangover kit

Cupcakes in a jar

Like baking? Then you are going to love this layered cupcake jar. Make your favorite cupcakes and put them in the jar. This would be a perfect wedding gift to all your friends and family who attended.

Cupcakes in a jar

Wrap it up

Simply wrap your silverware in a doily and tie it up with brown string. Simple but creative design

wrap it up

If you like these ideas then make sure to share them. Have some ideas of your favorite DIY wedding gifts? Then comment them below!


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