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10 Delicious Alternatives To The Traditional Wedding Cake

Are you tired of the traditional wedding cakes? Are you looking for ways to spice up your wedding? Having a wedding cake is a traditional in almost every wedding. But, who says that we have to have them? Everyone is looking for ways to make their wedding the next big thing and to leave the next big impression over their guests. If this is you, then say no more! Here are the 15 best ways wedding cake substitutions that will be sure to spice up your wedding and impress any guest!

Cake Pops

Cake pops are the perfect bite-sized snack to impress your guests. Get them in multiple flavors and arrange them to your liking!



Let your guests help themselves to creatively designed cupcakes.



Barrow an idea from the French! Try out Macarons for a delectable little treat. You can even serve them in various colors to brighten up the display and really make them stand out!


Ice Cream

Are you having a summer wedding? Then cool off your guests with mouthwatering flavors of ice cream! Have an ice cream bar or get creative with pre-made ice cream cones!

ice cream

Mini Cakes

Something a lot fancier than a cupcake and just as stylish as a cake, mini cakes! Mini cakes are perfect individual desert for everyone one of your guests.

mini cakes

Cake Shooters

Try this unique alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Each one is filled with cake and frosting and come in an assortment of flavors!

cake shooters


Need a delicious but inexpensive substitution for a cake? Try a cookie tower! This is the perfect way to reach everyone’s taste buds but, still an inexpensive desert!


Candy Dessert Bar

Have a guest list full of sweet tooth’s? Then this is the perfect option for you! Use different colors to decorate or one color candy to stick with a theme.

candy bar


Grab a variety of doughnuts and make your own wedding cake!

doughnut wedding cakes

Mini Pies

Still want that look of cake tiers but, don’t want a cake? Try out mini pies and let your imagination go to work!


Like our ideas for alternatives to wedding cakes? Share it! If you have your own idea’s we would love to hear them! Just comment below.

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