easy ways to save money on our wedding

10 Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Save money on your special wedding day

Planning your wedding can be the most magical yet stressful time for both the bride and groom. From trying to find the right wedding dresses to finding a DJ can cost you Thousands. Here are 10 simple, yet effective ways you can save money on your wedding.

  1. Avoid having you wedding on a Saturday or Sunday. If you set the date for a Friday you are more likely to save a few thousand dollars on the wedding and also have an easier time booking at a reception hall.
  1. Try to book a wedding for an evening or morning. They will likely be a lot cheaper but, will be just as elegant as a night wedding.
  1. Avoid having your wedding during the high peak season. Spring weddings (June and September) tend to have the most wedding and have a tendency to be more expensive. Try to have a wedding during the slow season during the winter months (January-March) these months are often a lot cheaper than fall weddings.
  1. Have your reception and wedding ceremony in the same place. You will only have to pay one flat fee and you won’t have to pay for transportation from each place. This way you don’t have any time restraints, less time losing guests (especially those from out of town), and better organization. This will also make your guests a lot happier! They only have to drive to one place and then they are able to enjoy themselves for the rest of the night.
  1. Instead of having an open bar, only serve beer and wine. Not having to pay for the hard liquor will saving you hundreds!
  1. If you’re feeling craft. Try to decorate your own flowers and center pieces. This could help you save hundreds
  1. Instead of buying large amounts of flowers, just buy fake ones. This is an easy way that can save you thousands for your budget. You’ll never have o worry about your flowers looking dead. They will look fresh all night long!
  1. Instead of going out and buying a dress worth thousands, try to use one from your mom, grandma, or friend. This will give you room to spend that money elsewhere.
  2. Don’t be forced into thinking you HAVE to have a wedding cake. There are so many other creative options you can do instead of spending hundreds on a cake. Instead of cake you can get; cookies, ice cream, cupcakes or whatever your creativity can think of! This gives you a chance to really surprise your guests!
  1. The most important way to save money is to remember, you do NOT have to do everything yourself! If someone offers to help you with the wedding, let them! This is an easy way to save money, time, and stress!

Have some ideas how to save money for a wedding yourself? Share them! We want to hear what ideas you have! You like our ideas? Share them with your friends!

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