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5 budget friendly honeymoon ideas

Congratulations! You’re getting married to the person you love most in the world! All that wedding planning certainly adds up and after the exhausting and costly process of putting on such a grand event, you’re looking forward to spending some well-deserved down time with your betrothed.

Like we said, weddings can be costly depending on your situation, so here are 5 budget friendly honeymoon ideas!

1. Your destination doesn’t have to be international

There are endless possibilities for a romantic and memorable honeymoon within the United States. A great way to get ideas is to make a Pinterest board with your partner of locations that you both want to eventually visit. This is a great way to not only pick your honeymoon destination but also get ideas for future trips together!

2.You don’t have to stay at 5-star hotels

A great trend has emerged among honeymooners: Airbnb! If you aren’t familiar with Airbnb, check them out! Airbnb allows you to find adventures in faraway places or your hometown, and access unique homes, experiences, and places anywhere in the world.

3.Get a better deal on your flight

A great app that we recommend for all honeymooners is Hopper. This app allows you to select your location and dates for travel and will alert you to the lowest rates for airfare!

4.Chow down on local cuisine instead of dining extravagantly

A lot of times, honeymoons get expensive as couples like to pick fancy restaurants or events to attend together. Instead of munching at Michelin Star restaurants, get suggestions from your hotel, hostel or host on cheap eats with a ton of local flavor!

5.Make moments that matter not moments that cost money

Take a walk in this new place that you’ve chosen to visit and bring your camera. Take plenty of photos to remember your adventure together in this new place.

We hope you get some ideas using these 5 tips on planning a honeymoon that truly revolves around your significant other and saves some money too!

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