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6 reasons The Wedding Suit by BTF is perfect for your big day

Shopping for the perfect suit for your upcoming wedding can be the biggest hassle: there are so many brands, fits, prices, and styles to look for. On top of that, the bride and groom’s fashion scheme sets the tone for the entire wedding day. Most importantly, you want to feel comfortable and feel like yourself in your suit — and maybe impress the in-laws while you’re at it.


That’s why Black Tie Formalwear created the perfect suit for your big day: The Wedding Suit. It’s what she wants to see you wearing, and you’re going to be glad you did. Here’s why.

Modern fit

Looking back on your wedding day, scrolling through the photos that take you back to that beautiful day, you’re not going to regret wearing a suit that not only looks good and felt great, but stands the test of time.

Let’s face it: a wedding day is a huge chapter in anyone’s life; it’s going to be documented by the photographers, friends, and family. You want to look through the pictures and say, “Wow, we look awesome” and not “Wow, what are we wearing?”

The Wedding Suit’s modern fit and style is GQ chic, sexy enough for your bride but smart enough for the parents, and most importantly, it’s timeless.

Rent or buy

Some guys want to keep their Wedding Suit, whether they plan on using it for other formal occasions in the future, or just store it in the closet for the memories. On the other hand, some men know they’ll only wear it once and never again, and that’s okay. That’s why BTF lets you either buy or rent. Buy it and you can keep it forever; rent it and it will still be worth it.

5 colors to choose from

The modern American wedding isn’t just black and white; everyone knows that every wedding comes with its own theme, color scheme, and style. BTF is living in the now and they’re ready for the future.

So, whether your wedding’s colors are hot pink, teal, grassy green, or canary yellow, BTF offers five glorious neutrals for you to choose from: gray, dark gray, tan, navy, or black. Because in the midst of all the crazy colors of your wedding, you’ll be the color of subtle, neutral goodness that will wow the crowd.

Adjustable waist

No more visits to the tailor to make sure the pants still fit! We’re only human; we gain a little weight and lose a little weight here and there. With all the stress that comes with wedding planning, there’s no doubt the lbs. will jump around each time you stand on the scale. The Wedding Suit comes with an adjustable waistband to make sure that each fitting will still fit. For all the changes that may come, your suit is there to adjust to the changes.

Men and boys

Did I mention that this suit isn’t just for the groom? The Wedding Suit is available for all the men in the wedding party — and the boys, too. If there’s anyone at the wedding who hates dressing up, you better believe it’s the little boys. BTF makes it so easy with the Wedding Suit because of all its great features, and the boys won’t complain. They don’t want to shop for formal wear any more than you do!


Many formal wear companies automatically give you the pant size that corresponds with your coat size. That doesn’t work too well for a lot of men; we all come in different shapes and sizes, and not everyone’s top half matches with the bottom half.

BTF orders coats and pants separately because who wants pants that don’t fit? You get to choose not only your coat size but the perfect pant size too.

The Wedding Suit is a no-brainer. You want to have options, and Black Tie Formalwear gives you options. You want a suit that looks good and feels even better, and The Wedding Suit fulfills both needs. No more fittings and no more shopping for your dream suit; the Wedding Suit is your dream suit for the day you’ve been waiting for.

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