How To Be The Best Bridesmaid

Start Planning Right Away

Once you find out you will be a bridesmaid, you should start planning as soon as possible. But, just because the wedding seems like a long time away, you should still begin planning as soon as possible. It is your job to take as much stress as possible off of the bride. Because let’s face it, you are going to be doing as much planning as she will. This is why you have to stay as organized as possible.

Planning The Bachelorette Party

When you are planning the bachelorette party try to stay away from the stereotypical bachelorette party. Think about what type of person the bride is and take that into consideration and plan it around what would make her most happy. You want to plan the party so everyone will have fun, but remember the night is about the bride. If all else fails it’s always ask the bride what she wants!

Prepare for the worst

As you are the bridesmaid it is your duty to make sure everything goes as planned and to minimize the amount of things that could go wrong. If you want to be over prepared you can also have an emergency prep kit on hand filled with assorted bobby pins, deodorant, fashion tape, mints, and other essentials that could save the night!

Be Present

From the time you become the bridesmaid until the wedding has finished, it is your job to be both physically and emotionally present for the bride. You want to make sure that the bride remains as stress free is possible. The bridesmaid should offer to go with to dress fittings, venue viewings, etc. Because this can be the most exciting time for a bride it can also be the most stressful because of the commitment. This is why the bridesmaid should be with the bride for every step of the way.

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