how to tie a tie

The Comprehensive list of How to Tie your Tie

Can you actually tie a tie? Here’s your comprehensive list of the top ways to tie your tie.

Want to learn the Windsor knot? Maybe the Pratt? This website has directions on these and many more.

how to tie a tie website

Next up we have a video how-to. With over 20,000,000 views, this gentleman surely explains perfectly how to tie a classic knot with any style of neck tie.


Next, another simply illustrated step by step on how to execute a Windsor Knot:

how to tie windsor knot

More of a reader than picture follower? Here are the directions broken down:

  • 1. Start with the wide end on the right & the small end on the left. The small end should rest slightly above your belly-button (this will vary depending on your height and the length & thickness of your tie). Only move the wide end.
  • 2. Wide end over the small end to the left.
  • 3. Up into the neck loop from underneath.
  • 4. Down to the left.
  • 5. Around the back of the small end to the right.
  • 6. Up to the center, towards neck loop.
  • 7. Through the neck loop and down to the right.
  • 8. Across the front to the left.
  • 9. Up into the neck loop from underneath.
  • 10. Down through the loop you’ve just created in the front.
  • 11. Tighten the knot by pulling down on the wide end. Slide the knot up & adjust.

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