Writing a Wedding toast

How To Write A Memorable Wedding Toast

Writing a wedding toast can be one of the hardest and most frustrating moments in your life. When you are trying to decide on what you want to write whether you are a best man, bridesmaid, or a father; try to think of these 7 topics to get the most out of the speech.

Wedding Toast Topics

  1. Think about who you are toasting. Remember where you are, and because it is a wedding you have to remember that there are topics you should stay away from because this is a formal setting. Never bring up a topic that would embarrass someone at the wedding
  1. Try to think of a funny story, how that individual motivated you or helped you in your life.
  1. Clarify your relationship with who you are toasting- you and a couple others might know who you are but there are tons of other people there that have no idea who you are. Make a small introduction about how you know this person and how you met (it might me a funny story).
  1. Show gratitude- whether it’s the parents, the bride, or even the groom; give thanks for welcoming you to this special occasion. It shows you care.
  1. Try to share Stories of how various parties met are always popular, whether you talk about how the bride and groom met or your first time meeting either of them.
  1. Always try to offer a compliment- Say something nice about the person (or couple) you are toasting to.
  1. Always end the toast on a positive note- Offer a wish, a traditional toast, or a blessing.


Have some ideas on how to give a good wedding toast? Then share them below! Looking for the perfect gift to get your groomsmen? Then check our post on the best customized gifts for your groomsmen!

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