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How To Write The Perfect Wedding Vows

Write Everything Your Remember About Your Relationship

Take time to reflect on your fiancé. Think about all the special times you had with your significant other and use those memories to right the best vows. Some of the things you should take in account could be:

  • How did you first meet
  • Your first date
  • When did you realize you were in love
  • What qualities do you most admire in each other
  • What hard times have you gone through together?
  • What have you supported each other through

Map it all out

Now that you have notes on all your memories, it’s time to create a structure and write your first draft. You want to put all your memories down that shows how much your significant other means to you. One good way to structure your vow is to start with a short story and then come back to it at the end.

Don’t Make Your Vows Too Long

When you are done developing your vows, it is important that you try to keep it short or to two- three minutes. You want to make your vows memorable, but you also don’t want it to drag on. When you are saying something in a meaningful way you want to say it in the most important points. If you’re running longer than two minutes, do an edit.

Work Out The Details

Take with your significant other and decide how you will write your vows. Do you want to write your vows together or alone? Will you show them to each other beforehand, or will you keep them a secret until the ceremony? Do you want to have a dead line when you have to have your vows written by?

Practice out loud

Even if you think you are confident, you want to practice practice practice! It is important when you practice to not just do the same thing over and over. Make sure you listen to the sentences to eliminate any run on or confusing sentences. When you finally say your speech try to make it as a conversation, not a speech. This will make is seem more personal and romantic.

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