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Last Minute Wedding Check List

A wedding can take a lot out of you, and you’re bound to get stressed out over your wedding planning. To make sure you keep everything in line you should have your last minute wedding check list. This will help make sure you have everything in order and so you won’t forget anything or any small detail the day of you wedding. Here is a quick check list you can use for your last minute wedding check list to ensure you have everything ready for your big day!

Remember Your Marriage License

When you get married the one thing you HAVE to have is your marriage license. If you don’t have this at your wedding ceremonies you’ll have to have your officiant sign it to become official. If you forget this on the day of your wedding then you will have to go over to city hall to apply to get married. So this is a big check on this list!

Pack Beforehand

If you are planning to go on your honeymoon right after your wedding or if you’re going to stay at a hotel; then you’re going to want to pack beforehand. If you’re going to stay at a hotel you definitely want to check in and drop off your luggage before the reception to save you the hassle.

Have Payments Sorted Out Before The Big Day

This will make it easier when you have to make any necessary last minute payments such as the vendors or any necessary tips. Doing this beforehand will insure that you brought enough money you don’t have to frantically figure out how much you have to pay everyone. You might want to be extra safe and bring extra money just in case.

Check Up On Your Vendors

This would be something smart to do a week before your wedding. It will give you closure knowing that everything is prepared and no unwanted surprises or mistakes will happen. This will also give you the chance to ask any last minute questions to you vendors to make sure everything turns out perfect for your big day.

Figure Out How To Get To Your Destinations

Whether you are using a limo or driving yourself to your wedding ceremony, dinner, hotel, or to your honeymoon; you should have all the routes mapped out on how to get there. This will keep away any frustration of getting lost.

Prepare For The Worst

To keep away from anything bad happening you should have an emergency kit with you. The emergency kit should have extra makeup, sewing set, band aid or other medical supplies, aspirin and any other materials you feel could keep anything from happening. Having this will ensure that is anything does happen to go wrong you will be prepared for the worst.

Write Your Thank You Notes

To save you’re the time, you might want to think about writing your thank you notes before your actual wedding. This could save you a lot of time and stress from having to make time for it after your wedding. And let’s face it; you are going to be beyond busy after a wedding. This little preparation could save you a lot of unneeded stress!

Prepare Gifts For The Wedding Party

Express you’re thanks to your family and friends with pre-made gifts at your wedding party. This will show your guests that you were happy they came to share a special day with you.

Take To You Photographer

Before your wedding and wedding party, take time to talk to your photographer and express any specific shots you might want. It might also be a smart idea to show them where you will be having the wedding and party so that the photographer can be prepared.

Make Maps

If you plan to have the wedding and wedding party in different locations; then it might be smart for you to prepare a mini map. This will ensure that none of your guests will get lost and it will be exceptionally helpful if you have any out-of-towners since they will not know the area as well.

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