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Oak Forest

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6042 W 159th Street
Oak Forest, Illinois 60452
Phone: 708.687.1080

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Do you have a wedding that you will soon be attending? Is there a special event that requires you to come in formal attire? When it comes to renting tuxes, the place that will offer you courtesy and pricing to meet your needs is Black Tie Formalwear in Oak Forest IL. We are convenient to get to and have store hours to ensure you can find what you are looking for on short order…but we recommend you don’t procrastinate.

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Pricing is never a headache at Black Tie Formalwear. With weddings happening throughout the year, and other events, renting a tux has never been easier. We offer specials that work to your advantage when looking for the right dinner apparel or formal wear. If you want a tux at a price you can afford, our Tux Mob and Prom 50% off deals will ensure your wallet doesn’t feel all that much lighter.

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Don’t let the stress of not knowing the different color schemes or designer names become an issue when looking for a quality tuxedo. Out-dated color pastels and browns have long since moved on and hip and colorful schemes are what are in fashion. That does not mean traditional selections have been excluded; on the contrary it simply means that you have more options to choose from. Whatever the color choice you may want, Black Tie is well-prepared to meet your expectations.

If your guests needing tuxes live out of state, they can participate in our Coast-to-Coast program. Simply visit a local tuxedo shop in their area, get their measurements and send the information to us at We will make sure their selection is ready to go when they get into town.

Value should never be compromised and at Black Tie Formalwear we never compromise. Special occasions call for special attire and we promise to make the rental of that attire easy and enjoyable. Come in and let us show you how we have taken the worry out of renting a tuxedo.