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Weddings, prom, special dinners all have something in common. These occasions are when a gentleman finds himself in need of quality formal wear. When looking for a good tuxedo the place to visit is Black Tie Formalwear in Schaumburg IL. As one of eleven locations, we are committed to providing a place you can come and find what you are looking for in the way of tux rentals…and with store hours to ensure you can find something timely.

If you are an out of towner, our Coast-to-Coast tuxedo service allows you to locate a formal wear shop in your area where you can be measured. Once the measurements have been obtained, simply go to and send your measurements and tux choices over. It will be ready to pick-up when you are.

What is one of the ways Black Tie Formalwear takes the worry out of renting the right tux for that special event? By way of our professional staff. They are trained to find out your choices and measurements in a friendly and efficient manner. In every step of the transaction, they will remain focused on meeting your needs and providing you with a pleasant and focused visit. If you are not sure about style or color of your next tux, they are going to stay with you until you are sure. This is a time to enjoy your visit and know that you are going to walk out with formal attire that meets your satisfaction.

Another hang-up with people in renting is the price. That is a valid point and at Black Tie Formalwear in Schaumburg IL, we make every effort to provide a quality tux without the inordinate price tag. Check into our Tux Mob program and see how you can save on 50% off of your formal wear rental. Tuxes are meant to be enjoyed and not feel like you have left all your money on our counter.

When you come into our facility you will be amazed at the selections we offer…Calvin Klein, Ike Behar, Jean Yves. These and many other brand names guarantee you will be outfitted with a tuxedo of class and style. You want to go to the event dressed in a suit that lets you get a touch flashy…and why not? These events do not come along everyday, so why not enjoy it in a tuxedo that lets you feel like a well-dressed man. If you get the extra attention…enjoy it.

Color schemes are not a thing to dread either. Time goes by and the modern approach to taste and style has come full circle in tuxedo rentals. Color splash and flash offerings are prime at Black Tie and we offer a complete selection to make you take notice. Yet, traditional elegance has not left the building either. Tell us what you are looking for or allow us the opportunity to give you valuable suggestions.

When it comes time to find the right tuxedo…come into Black Tie Formalwear. Let us dress you.

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