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544 E. 162nd St.
South Holland, IL 60473
Phone: 708-596-6330
Fax: 708-596-6360

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 Mon12:00 PM-8:00 PM
 Tue12:00 PM-8:00 PM
 Wed12:00 PM-8:00 PM
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 Fri12:00 PM-6:00 PM
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So you just received notice that you are the best man at your friend’s wedding. He lets you know that time is short and you need to get a tuxedo with specific details. What do you do? Sorry planning a golf day on that date is not an option. Black Tie Formalwear in South Holland IL is the answer to your dilemma. As one of eleven locations with convenient store hours, Black Tie is your one-stop formal wear rental facility.

One of the things that hit you right away is the price. Well, that is not a problem if you come see us at Black Tie Formal wear. We offer yearly specials for various events (Prom 50% off for example) and our Tux Mob program allows you savings as well. When everything else costs so much at special affairs, your tux price should not be one of those worries. Use your money elsewhere as you save on a quality tuxedo rental.

If you are an out-of-towner needing to travel for a wedding or other occasion, you can use our Coast-to-Coast service. All you need to do is visit a local tuxedo shop and have them give you your measurements. Then visit online and send us your necessary information. When you come into town, you will find your tuxedo waiting at our store.

When you come into our facility you will find we offer varied and quality name brands…Calvin Klein, Ike Behar, and Jean Yves. These and many other names guarantee you will be outfitted with a tuxedo of taste and style. You want to go to the event dressed in a suit that lets you get a touch of class. These events do not come along everyday, so why not enjoy it in a tuxedo that lets you feel like a well-dressed man. This is a time you should relish and if you receive extra notice…go with it.

Our quality staff will guide you through every step of finding formal attire to meet your taste and budget. They are committed to ensuring you receive detailed attention and satisfaction for your tuxedo needs. They will determine your size and other information, aid you in choosing a style and color you want and complete your visit in a professional manner. Don’t find this to be a challenge you cannot get through. Let this be an experience that adds to the enjoyment you want it to be.

You have a specific color selection you want be dressed in? Black Tie Formalwear definitely has an offering to meet that selection. No longer are you limited to blacks, browns and pastels. A new time reflects new tastes and choices. You can get as splashy or as traditional as you desire. This is about your choices and tastes, so don’t allow the rainbow to be your stopping point. We can help you find it.

Finally, we have the accessories you need…ties, cummerbunds, etc. Allow us to show you that renting a tuxedo has never been more affordable or enjoyable.

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