Millennial pink is the color trend you’ve been waiting for

You’ve seen it all over the fashion industry this year, you might just not know that it had a name. Millennial Pink is the color that has graduated from gendered norms during 2017 and is set to be the Rose Gold of 2018.

It’s this kind of Pepto Bismol hue. It’s soft, aloof and quite frankly, enticing. But you don’t have to be a color connoisseur to enjoy this shade.

Here are 4 ways to incorporate millennial pink into your wedding:

Reception Decor

You can literally never have too much of this color because of its sweet subtlety. From table runners to bouquets, name cards to guest favors, pick it all in pink!

Vests & Ties

We carry a wide selection of pinks in vests and ties. Check out the below gallery of tuxedo vests, ties and bowties! You can see our whole selection here.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Everyone looks lovely in millennial pink. That’s the fascination with this color! No matter who is in your party: men, women, pups and just people of every shape, color and size. This is a color that compliments all.

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Your celebration cake or treats of choice

Check out this amazing millennial pink cake by LivforCake. This is the perfect pink to tantalize your guests’ appetites!

millennial pink cake | wedding trends | Black Tie Formalwear Blog


Looking to add a touch of millennial pink to your wedding? Contact us today!

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