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Suit or Tux? The great debate

When it comes to formalwear, there are so many unwritten rules of dress. If you are an Average Joe with a special event coming up, you might currently find yourself in the quandary: suit or tux?

Thus begins our lesson.

Perhaps the very first distinction to note is the definition that separates a suit from a tuxedo. The answer is simple: satin.

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The real decision lies within your intention for the event. Ask yourself this series of questions:

What vibe do you want to send out to the people around you? Is this a dress to impress event with influential people? Does this event commemorate a milestone in your life? You may consider going with a tux. This is the exact reason that most weddings call for a tuxedo. The tux is not worn every day and because of this it retains a reputation of being saved for meaningful events. It makes your date feel special to be with you and your associates to think of you in high regard.

On the flip side if this is merely a day in the life of our Average Joe and a meaningful, yet somewhat mundane formal event, a suit is most likely appropriate. Suits still convey a sense of pride in one’s appearance and can communicate a bold sense of personal style. Suits can be worn on a daily basis and still add a certain flair to your person.

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