The Wedding Suit by Black Tie Formalwear is here!

Here at Black Tie Formalwear, we are always looking for new ways to make the wedding process easier and deliver more value to our valued customers. This year we set out to find a new solution to the age-old problem of outfitting your wedding party in matching suits. That solution is The Wedding Suit!

So what’s been the problem? Some of your groomsmen may want to rent, some may want to buy; some of the party is older, taller, shorter or much younger, etc.

But at the end of the day, you wanted an easier solution to getting your boys in matching suits for your wedding.

That is why we came up with The Wedding Suit by Black Tie Formalwear.


The Wedding Suit by Black Tie Formalwear is a one of a kind collection of suits with features and options not available anywhere else! Some of the features that we put in would be things that we realized the customer may not have been thinking about or looking for initially but would still be of great benefit to them.

These features include:

Modern Fit: Designed specifically to give all range of sizes a tailored look.

Rent or Buy: A wedding Formalwear first! Each guy can decide on his own if he wants to rent or buy.

5 Colors to choose from: All of the most popular colors are covered.  The wedding suit comes in light grey, dark grey, navy, tan and black.

Adjustable Waist: A pant feature all guys love. The waistband adjusts for a range of 3 inches.

Men & Boys: Guys come in all shapes and sizes this collection is made with that in mind.  All are available from little boys up to big and tall.

Separates: With most suits you have to take the pant size that comes with your coat size.  That can lead to expensive alterations.  Your coat and pants are ordered separately according to your size.

The Wedding Suit by Black Tie Formalwear

More Benefits:

Just take the suit coat and pant separates part of it for example. Most suits that are sold come automatically with a pair of pants that are 6 inches less than the jacket size. In other words, a 42 coat comes with pants that are 36 in the waist. That is called “The drop”. Well, there are some guys who need a 42 coat for their shoulders but have a smaller waist like 32 or 33 inches. In those cases, that guy must go and pay for expensive alterations to be done on the pants because he will automatically get a 36.

Separates mean that no matter what size your coat is you will get a pair of pants according to what your waist measurement actually is so no alterations are needed on those pants.

Adjustable waist on the pants is another great benefit. Some guys have a waistline that goes up and down a bit.
Now they won’t have to go to a tailor if they haven’t worn the suit for a while and find they’ve gained or lost a few pounds.

Unlike other tuxedo rental company styles the wedding suit has belt loops on the pants. For a suit look a wedding party will usually want to have the guys wearing a belt that matches their shoes. Now they can.

The buy or rent option is important and we’re catering to the entire wedding party on this one. Obviously, we want the Bride and Groom to be happy, but they want their guys to be happy as well.

The groom, groomsman, ushers, dads, and ring bearers Mom’s all like the fact that they can decide if they want to rent or buy individually. The best man may already own a dark grey suit but it doesn’t match the wedding party so he would rather rent instead of buying another dark grey suit. Another groomsman doesn’t have a dark grey suit at home so he would prefer to pay a bit more and buy one at a reasonable price. Usually the ring bearers Mom wouldn’t want to do that because he will outgrow the suit within a couple of months.

The Wedding Suit has the best design feature in a suit or tuxedo. They are all proportioned differently by size to give guys of all shapes and sizes the same great looking tailored fit!

For more info on The Wedding Suit, visit our dedicated page here.


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