how to pick your wedding colors

How To Pick Your Wedding Colors Made Easy

Wedding Colors For Every Season

Picking colors for your wedding can be difficult and frustrating. Try to use you months as an advantage to picking colors. Our list separates each of the seasons; fall, summer, spring, and winter. We give you the most popular wedding colors for each season to make your choices easier.

December, January, February:

winter colors

This is the season for the holidays and Valentine’s Day. Between these three months you have a larger selection of colors you can pick between. The favorite colors for these months are ivory, white, blue, silver, gold, red, and green.

March & April

spring colors

These two months give you the best time to celebrate spring’s earliest bursts of color. Use spring to match the beautiful flowers that are starting to bloom with the favorite colors such as: yellow, lavender, green, red, and pink.

Combine any of these colors with the blooming flowers to give your spring wedding a bright burst of natural colors.

May, June, July

summer colors

During the summer, brides search for color based on the beach or garden. Summer time is also considered to be the best time for brides to pick between the most energized palettes of colors.

Green, orange, black, brown, pink, aqua, fuchsia, blue, and white are the most popular colors during the summer.

August, September, October, November

fall colors

Coming into the fall season brides tend to match their wedding colors to the outdoor autumn color. The most popular photos for the fall season are: mocha, brown, rustic orange, latte, burgundy, green, purple, and gold. Most brides stick with the natural colors of autumn to liven up their wedding.


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