Wedding ideas that won’t blow your budget

Wedding Ideas That Won’t Blow Your Budget

Have a friend perform for you

friend bad at wedding

If you have a friend or family friend who has a band then you can ask them to play at your wedding. If you don’t want a band then you can also use a friend who is a DJ. This way you can play exactly what music you want. This could be an easy way to save money and could be a lot more fun because you know the band.

Disposable Cameras

disposable camera at wedding

Don’t have the money the money to pay for a photographer? Put disposable cameras at every table and let your guests take the pictures for you. This could help save a lot of money in your budget to spend on other areas for your wedding.

Hold Your Ceremony And Reception In One Spot

wedding same spot

Hold both your ceremony and reception in one spot. The company usually will give you a discount for renting out the spot longer. This will also cut out the cost you will have to spend on traveling from destinations.

Buy Flowers In Season

flowers in season

If you buy flowers in season then they will be more than half the price than it would be if you bought flowers out of season.

Only Serve Beer & Wine

bar at wedding

Cut the bar to only beer and wine and this could save you a lot of money. Not offering mixed drinks could save you enough money to put into other areas into the wedding.

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