weird wedding traditions

Weird wedding traditions and why we do them

Ever wonder why we do what we do at weddings? Here are a few weird wedding traditions and why we do them

Garter and Bouquet Toss

The garter toss is known for being probably the most risque aspect of any wedding. It involves the groom removing the garter from the bride’s leg, and throwing it into a crowd of bachelors. Supposedly the man who catches the garter will be the next guy to get married.

It’s similar for the bouquet toss: the bride will toss her bouquet into a crowd of bachelorettes, and whoever catches it will be the next woman to tie the knot. Usually the bouquet toss happens before the garter toss, and afterward, the man who caught the garter gets to put it on the woman who caught the bouquet.

But why?

One theory for the garter and bouquet tosses says that owning a part of the bride’s attire is good fortune. Back in the day, people forgot their manners entirely and ripped off pieces of the bride’s gown, just so they could get a bit of good luck. The bride giving away her garter and her bouquet signified that she would rather someone take just two pieces of her attire instead of destroying her wedding dress.


The Bridal Shower

The bridal shower tradition goes waaaay back to when women needed a dowry to marry a man. There came about the tradition of throwing a shower in which a woman’s friends would come together to give her gifts for her dowry if her father was too poor to do so. Of all the weird wedding traditions, we’re glad this one stuck.



So this one is a tad awkward…. Turns out groomsmen date back to more primitive times. Back when your boys had to kidnap a bride. often times, women were in short supply, so the groom would recruit his buddies to go to neighboring villages and steal a bride! They literally used to be called bride-knights and would fight off the bride’s angry relatives when they came to steal her back at the wedding.


Throwing Rice

Did you know that this is another ancient superstition? Apparently throwing rice on newlyweds is meant to help them have children. Rice was, in Medieval times, a sign of a fruitful harvest. Therefore showering the new couple in rice was a hope for future kiddos!


Regardless of what you do at your wedding, we think the wedding tradition that stands the test of time is a clean suit or tuxedo. Your groom and groomsmen will look sharp in any of our wide selection of formal wear options. Schedule a fitting appointment today or contact us for more information!

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