Summer Wedding Ideas 2017 | Black Tie Formalwear

5 Ways to up the fun at your summer wedding

Looking for some ideas to up the summer fun at your wedding? Look no further! Here are 5 ways to take advantage of the beautiful weather for your 2017 Summer Wedding!

Summer Wedding Ideas 2017 | Black Tie Formalwear

The Unity Bonfire

While it’s not a traditional staple at a wedding, the unity bonfire is growing in popularity because, well, it’s just fun! Unity candles are typical, but your love burns stronger than a wimpy little candle, right? It’s a raging fire!


S’more Fun

After the ceremony wraps up, invite guests to start the reception fun by using your bonfire to create s’mores!

A Sweet & Tipsy Memory

Send home a reusable stadium style cup complete with bendy straw after filling them up with swirly tropical colored daiquiris! Click on the picture above if you’re interested in purchasing these customized stadium cups with your wedding details printed on them.


Sparkler Sendoff

What says summer better than sparklers and fireworks? Send off your newlyweds with sparklers and maybe even an entire fireworks show. It’s a great photo op and a fun way to commemorate their new bond, to infinity and beyond! Click the photo above if you’re interested in purchasing a wedding sparkler pack!

Group Games

Another great way to bring families and new friends together is to provide some fun lawn games for your summertime reception. Games like bags, giant jenga or bocce ball are cost effective and customizable for your wedding! Get crafty and you can whip up these games for little to no money and include some of the bride and groom’s favorite themes.

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